Crazy Way Interviews

On this page, you will find true life stories of men and women who are following Jesus through many challenges and situations that life throws at us. This series has been developed during the pandemic and various lockdowns and we hope you find these short stories helpful. 

Chris’ Story

Facing his past, a former officer bravely embraces truth, risking his career and reputation for the pursuit of justice and personal integrity’s sake.

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Mike’s Story

Born into a Christian family, chased rugby dreams, faced loss. Embraced Jesus, found purpose in Liverpool. A life of unexpected adventure.

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Gaz’s Story

Gaz reached a breaking point and cried out to God for help after coming out of prison and needing to get off heroin and change his life.

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Sean’s Story

After a brutal attack, Sean’s journey from violence to joy unfolds through care and friendship, transforming his life remarkably.

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Dai’s Story

Dai reflects on the catalysts that transformed his life, guiding him from a path of rage to the enduring serenity he now embraces.

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Ayokunu’s Story

Ayo reflects on his life, a journey led to a London gang, where he sought identity and value in the wrong places before finding true purpose.

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