Crazy Way Cards

On this page, you will find true life stories of men who have followed an interest or struggled with an issue that became the biggest thing in their lives.
Maybe you’re facing the same experience.
Though everyone’s’ story is different, all have found a purpose and hope that is, now, even bigger.

Scroll over each image for a bit more info the story.


The need to keep up with their peers and the expectations to succeed could have been a huge burden.

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Unemployment meant Chris experienced every negative emotion but found a way to keep going.

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Sam found living for a career in sport left him unfulfilled. He’s now living for something else.

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Steve ‘escaped’ crime & addiction and now offers something extra at his pub.

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Many armed robberies left Simon not liking who he was but didn’t know how to change, until...

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Joshua’s tells his story as a spoken word piece and his decision to break free from porn.

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Ben was left empty when he asked ‘who am I?” But then experienced a whole new level of fulfillment

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Mental Health

Paul planned to jump off a railway bridge to take his life but something stopped him.

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Justyn lost his job, family and £750K through gambling, but has beaten his addiction.

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Mark ran up debts of £56K. He found a way out of his problems.

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Armed Forces

RAF engineer, Josh made a decision that helped him move on from the pain of divorce.

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