The Crazy Way

You’ve got to be crazy to follow Jesus, right?Or is there more to it?

You’ve got to be crazy to follow Jesus, right?

Or is there more to it?

Some say that the message of the Bible doesn’t apply to men these days.
But there’s a huge bunch of guys that have discovered the opposite.
Christian Vision for Men, uncovers the myths surrounding Jesus, the Church, and where we stand in this anything-goes world.

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They feature interesting stories from interesting men who have taken the Crazy Way, have followed Jesus and have found something special.

PLUS! Take a moment to read the Crazy Way Booklet which is a quick introduction to understanding how God, Jesus, the Bible, man and life all fit together.

We can also put you in touch with guys in your area (or as close as possible) doing a whole bunch of fun stuff as part of following Jesus.
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